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Our Youtube Channel!

We have taken all our videos and made them available online via our new Youtube channel which you can visit at this link. We are hoping this will allow much greater access to these productions. The videos are embedded at our website or can be watched directly from our youtube channel.

Also included is an interview with David Werner (in Spanish) available only at the youtube channel.

Here is a sample of one of the videos now available online

Our Own Road (The Story of PROJIMO)

For those wishing to show these videos in a location without an internet connection it is possible to download the videos from youtube for playback offline or to make a video disc.

There are several free programs which can do this.

We use this one


It is still possible to order a DVD for the videos we now have online at youtube
(looking for for slide shows? click here)

Order a CD or DVD

Community Based Rehabilitation Workshops In Peru

In February, 2009. David Werner, pioneer in Primary Health Care and Community Based Rehabilitation --facilitated two workshops on innovative technology for and with disabled children and their families in Peru. On the first workshop, conducted in the poor barrios of Lima, David was joined by his former student and long time friend, Allison Akana, a Physician’s Assistant and researcher in women’s health. Allison skillfully and perceptively filmed the entire workshop.


Community Based Rehabilitation Workshops in India

In 2005, David Werner visited India where he conducted CBR workshops in three regions. These workshops provided material for three new extensive slide shows, each narrated, detailing the interactive process of the workshop participants, the disabled individuals, and their families. These heartwarming, yet pragmatic stories show how, by working together and putting the disabled person at the center of the process, assistive devices can be tailor made to better fit his or her needs.


Our Own Road (Nuestro Camino)

by Peregrine Productions, produced by Charlotte Beyers, directed by John Montoya.  Available in English or Spanish

This beautiful, high quality video (VHS) shows the day to day adventure of innovative participatory problem solving at PROJIMO in villages in the Sierra Madre. An epic portrayal of independent living and empowerment, it shows how disabled youth caringly provide skilled services, at low cost for and with needy families. In November, 2000, the film won a Freddie Award for “Special People” in the Time Inc. International Medical Competition. “The Oscar of medical films!” 


Viviendo de Nuevo con Daño Medular

"Return to Life After Spinal Cord Injury"

by Peter BrauerAn educational DVD movie on coping with Spinal Cord Injury
Produced by the PROJIMO collective of disabled persons in Coyotitan, Mexico Filmed and edited by Peter Brauer.


Slide Presentations

 SLIDE SHOW of Custom-made Wheelchairs for Children - at PROJIMO Skills Training and Work Program, now in Duranguito, Sinaloa, Mexico Updated November, 2002

SLIDE SHOW on PROJIMO, presented by David Werner in Tokyo, Japan. 80 slides with brief comments, on the "Program of Rehabilitation Run by Disabled Youth in Western Mexico."