An increasing number of sources for medical supplies have been opening up. Dr. Martínez-Manatou said he would make efforts to secure donated medicines from some of the drug companies in México. Dr. Djerassi of Palo Alto arranged once again, for donations of cortico-steroids and antibiotic preparations from Syntex of México. My dispensaries were accepted as eligible recipients of medicines from the Direct Relief Foundation of Santa Bárbara, a non-profit organization which accumulates and sorts medical samples and surpluses from all over the country and awards them to volunteer medical organizations in foreign countries at handling costs of 25¢ per pound. (Although the relative quantities of the medicines are determined by the Foundation, and the chore of re-packaging is enormous, I have so far obtained some very good medicines in substantial quantities through the Foundation at costs far below what I would normally have to pay.) My dispensaries in Ajoya and Verano are at present fairly well stocked, except for some of the fastest moving items such as vitamins, aspirin, and worm medicine for which the need is as ubiquitous as the lack of diet and hygiene. So far I have dispenses more than 100,000 vitamin tablets. There does seem to be an increase in nutrition deficiency symptoms in my area. There is also an apparent decrease in infant and child mortality – which means the birth control program had better hurry up. (Martín’s mother is pregnant with her eleventh!)