TOBACCO: From ‘World Development Forum,’ Volume 6, Number 11, June 15, 1988

Colombian Cocaine and U.S. Tobacco: “Despite our great concern about the effect of Columbian cocaine on young Americans,” said Dr. Peter Bourne, president of the American Association for World Health, “more Colombians die today from diseases caused by tobacco products exported to their country by American tobacco companies than do Americans from Colombian cocaine.”

TOBACCO: From CUSO Newsletter, Fall 1987

In the Third World, the prospect of a fast cash return from a tobacco crop can be irresistible to poor farmers. It is equally irresistible to their governments. Taxes on cigarettes accounted in 1980 for 47 percent of government income in the Philippines. Is it any wonder that the country also refused to print health warnings on cigarette packs?

POEM: From Two Dogs and Freedom (1986)

Children from the South African townships express their feelings in words and pictures.

“Freedom for the People” author is a 12-year-old boy

Life in nowadays is like a sick butterfly.

To many of us it is not worth living when it is like this.

What is going on in the world around us.

There are people dying.

There are signs of freedom everywhere.

There are S.A.D.F. everywhere you look.

They are either playing with the children or they are having war with them.

The little kids don’t understand why they have been put (thrown) in jail.

The people demand freedom for their loving nation.

So many people have died because they have fought for freedom.

Schools, shops, houses have been burnt because they want freedom.

The population of the world is surely decreasing.

Every hour, minute, and second there is someone dying.

The S.A.D.F. has tried to bring peace but they have brought more chaos into the townships.

Maybe one day the freedom of the people will be given to them.