An Important Message to Our Readers

Dear Friends,

Over the last two decades, we have been bringing you thoughtful reporting on health and health-related issues in the Third World, through our Newsletter from the Sierra Madre, with very minimal financial support. However, given the funding difficulties that non-profit organizations such as ours are facing in today’s economically troubled times, we are finding it increasingly difficult to continue producing and bringing this newsletter to you.

We have always asked for donations for our newsletter. Many of you have heard our pleas and have given generously. Now, however, we have realized that in order to continue producing three issues each year, we need more consistent support from all of you. Thus, in this issue we are asking you to send in your first yearly subscription of $12.00 (if you have not already done so) so that you may receive the three issues we are planning for 1993. If you do not send in a subscription (or let us know you can’t afford one so that we can make special arrangements for you), we will assume you no longer wish to receive our newsletter and we will take you off our mailing list. For $25.00, we will add a gratis subscription, in your name, for a health worker in the Third World who can’t afford a contribution, but would like to continue receiving our newsletter.

If you have questions regarding subscription rates, please write to us at the address listed above, or call us at (415) 325 9017. We thank you for your support.

This issue was created by:
David Werner — Writing, Photos, and Illustrations