HOT OFF THE PRESS!! QUESTIONING THE SOLUTION: The Politics of Primary Health Care and Child Survival, with an in-depth critique of oral rehydration therapy. See this newsletter’s insert.

Board of Directors
Allison Akana
Trude Bock
Roberto Fajardo
Barry Goldensohn
Bruce Hobson
Myra Polinger
David Werner
Jason Weston
International Advisory Board
Dwight Clark — Volunteers in Asia
David Sanders — South Africa
Mira Shiva — India
Michael Tan — Philippines
Pam Zinkin — England
Maria Zuniga — Nicaragua
This issue was created by:
Trude Bock — Editing and Production
Bruce Hobson — Editing
David Werner — Writing and Illustrating
Jason Weston — Layout and Online Edition
Efraín Zamora — Graphics