In November, 1998, David Werner traveled to Nagoya and Tokyo, Japan, to speak at book launchings for the Japanese translation of the book Questioning the Solution, the Politics of Primary Health Care and Child Survival by Werner and Sanders. The response to this iconoclastic new book in Japan has been incredible. At the Tokyo launching 120 persons were expected; 250 came!

In terms of the goal of “Health for All-’21” it is encouraging to realize that Japan has a strong and growing “counter culture” of citizens who are concerned with the human and environmental costs of the global market system, who are committed to working toward a sustainable model of development based more on caring and sharing. Leaders in this progressive movement are Yoshi Ikesumi and Susumu Wakai. Yoshi and Susumu headed the team of 13 health and development activists who, in record time, translated Questioning the Solution into Japanese. Yoshi, who for many years was a leader of the Asian Health Institute, is currently the Asia-Pacific Coordinator of the IPHC.

While in Japan, David gave presentations and facilitated workshops in Community Based Rehabilitation for enthusiastic groups from JANNET and other organizations of disabled persons.