The purpose of the PHA is to give a voice to concerned people around the world, especially the disadvantaged, in the events and decisions that shape their health and well being. Today the health of millions of people is compromised by global policies that concentrate wealth and leave a third of humanity living on less than 2 dollars a day. The PHA hopes to contribute to a bottom-up approach to decision-making and to a new, equitable model of development in which all people live fairly and compassionately with one another and in balance with the environment in a sustainable manner.

Preparations for The People’s Health Assembly are rapidly gaining momentum. Scores of non-government organizations and activists from dozens of countries in Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe are now participating in PHA pre-conference activities. The PHA Analytic Committee has met several times in different parts of the world to write background papers and draft a preliminary outline for a People’s Charter for Health.

A spectrum of funding organizations have agreed to help finance the PHA event in Bangladesh, so it looks as if funds will be available to help with the costs of a significant number of participants from poor countries and difficult circumstances. The staff of Gonoshasthaya Kendra (the People’s Health Movement in Savar, Bangladesh) has been building facilities and making preparations for the 600 or so participants who plan to attend.

PHA Fact Sheet

Date of the major international PHA Event: Dec. 4-8, Location: Savar, Bangladesh, hosted by Gonoshasthaya Kendra. Participants: 600 persons from 100 countries Who is invited: Persons concerned about and prepared to work for sustainable health and well being from the local to the global level. First chance for attendance will be given to:

  • Persons in grassroots organizations or NGOs actively working to confront and correct the sociopolitical causes of poor health (poverty and inequity),

  • especially those from poor countries or communities or from less powerful groups (women, refugees, oppressed minorities, disabled persons)

  • Persons selected by local groups that have been involved in preparatory activities or meetings, or in assembling materials for the PHA

Travel assistance: will be available for some persons from poor countries

Preparatory materials which you can request for discussion and action include:

  • Packet of documents and guidelines on preparatory activities PHA Framework Paper Background papers on:

  • Political economy; Physical environment;

  • Social environment;

  • Communications for social action;

  • Health sector;

  • Outline for a People’s Charter for Health.

If you want to attend the PHA event, to be involved, or want materials, contact: PHA Secretariat, CI ROAP, 252-A Jalan Air Itam, 10460 Penang, Malaysia Tel: 604-229 1318; Fax: 604-228 6506