The purpose of the PHA is to give a voice to concerned people around the world, especially the disadvantaged, in the events and decisions that shape their health and well-being. Today, the health of millions of people is compromised by global economic and development policies that concentrate wealth and leave a third of humanity living on less than a dollar a day. The PHA hopes to contribute to a bottom-up approach for decision making and to a new, people-centered model of development in which all people live compassionately with one another in a social order that is equitable and sustainable.

The PHA Process is gathering more energy and enthusiasm as the Assembly is drawing near. Regional preparatory workshops and seminars are being conducted in Africa, Asia, the Arab States, the Americas, the Pacific Islands, and Australia. In many countries people have prepared stories or testimonies of the way in which the globalized economy, structural adjustment policies, transnational corporations and other powerful forces have affected their local health and quality of life. Others are building coalitions and planning united actions to work toward building fairer and healthier alternatives at the local, national and international levels.


Information about the upcoming People’s Health Conference.

Date of the major PHA International Event: Dec. 4-8, 2000

Location: Savar, Bangladesh, hosted by Gonoshasthaya Kendra.

Participants: 600 persons from 100 countries

Who is invited: Persons concerned about and prepared to work for sustainable health and well being, from local and global levels

First chance for attendance will be given to:

  • Persons in grassroots organizations or NGOs actively working to confront and correct the sociopolitical causes of poor health (poverty

  • and inequity)

  • Especially those from poor countries or from less powerful groups (women, refugees, oppressed minorities, disabled persons)

  • Persons selected by local groups that have been involved in preparatory activities or meetings for the PHA

Travel assistance: May be available for some persons from poor countries

Preparatory materials (which you can request) for discussion and action include:

  • Packet of guidelines and materials for preparatory activities

PHA Framework Paper Background papers on:

  • Political economy

  • Physical environment

  • Social environment

  • Communications for social action

  • Health sector

  • Outline for a People’s Charter for Health

If you want to attend, want to be involved in some way, or want materials, contact: PHA Secretariat, CI ROAP, 252-A Jalan Air Itam, 10460 Penang, Malaysia / Tel: 604-229 1318; Fax: 604-228 6506 / E-mail: / Website:

A periodic PHA News Brief with updates on PHA events and activities, including a draft of the Assembly Program, is available from the above address.

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In November, 2000, the film won a Freddie Award for “Special People” in the Time Inc. international medical competition. “The Oscar of medical films!”

Help Wanted

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Many thanks. Mil gracias.