HealthWrights, along with the International People’s Health Council and the People’s Health Assembly, aims to contribute to the exponentially expanding process of popular education needed to mobilize a critical number of people.

Such mobilization has begun, as evidenced by organized protests against corporate globalization in many parts of the world. We are concerned, however, that much of the confrontation of key players in the inequitable global economy—e.g., the World Bank—has been based more on shouting of slogans than on well-documented evidence. It becomes difficult to convince anyone who is looking for balance and objectivity.

This given, HealthWrights, in cooperation with the IPHC and PHA, has embarked on two interrelated projects to disseminate key information concerning the politics of health, especially as i relates to macroeconomic factors. These are:

Politics of Health Annotated Reading Lists

These categorized lists were started several years ago. We currently have three versions of varying length for different audiences, and we now hope to update and expand them.

We also ask those concerned with health and development issues to send us their recommendations of books, papers and articles for possible inclusion in the lists. Please include full references (title, author, publisher, date, address and website). If possible, also include an annotation of the content, specifically as it relates to the politics of health and sustainable development. An extract of key facts/statistics for the database would also be a help. (see below)

Politics of Health Database

This database is in its early stages. Our objective is to compile and present, in an easily accessible form, a wide range of accurate facts, statistics, and information relevant to the politics of health and sustainable development. It will function as a reliable source of statistics and well-documented facts to provide substance to lectures, classes, workshops, or articles concerning the politics of health and sustainable development, and designed to create awareness for action. At present this database is very much in its infancy. For it to become a useful tool, the compilation of facts and data must be a collective effort. You can help!

We are looking for volunteers to help assemble the database and the reading lists. We also need “information gatherers”, i.e., anyone who is willing to send in pertinent data they come across in their readings or research. Please contact us at Help us make these reading lists and database into useful tools for change.

Also, if this article motivates you to support a global trade treaty to halt the spread of tobacco, visit the Framework Convention for Tobacco Control at, or you can email Belinda Hughes at for instructions on how you or your organization can take concrete action.