Good News! The new PHA website is at last up and running. Please visit The new website includes newsletters and updates of follow-up action since the PHA2000 international event held in Bangladesh in December, 2000, and attended by 1500 people from 97 countries.

For a Critical Analysis of the PHA2000 Event, with suggestions for an even more successful follow-up, see the HealthWrights Newsletter from the Sierra Madre, #34. This is available at

The PHA has begun an email exchange intended to serve as a focal point for discussion and action. Although begun only recently, this email exchange already has demonstrated effectiveness in organizing its participants toward specific collective aims. For example, the exchange quickly disseminated information and assembled support for the Framework Convention for Tobacco Control (see the article “Smoking Gun”, in this issue of the Healthwrights Newsletter). If you are interested in signing up to be part of this new PHA e-mail exchange, email the coordinator, Claudio Shuftan, at

The current secretariate for the PHA, worldwide, is coordinated by Qasem Chowdhury, whose address is:


HOUSE # 14/E, ROAD # 6



TEL: 00880 2 8617208

FAX: 00880 2 8613567