Drawings from David Werner’s books Nothing About Us Without Us and Disabled Village Children have been reproduced, then hand colored by disabled and non-disabled village children. The cards show children and youth playing and actively participating in daily activities at PROJIMO (the Program of Rehabilitation Organized by Disabled Youth of Western Mexico).

These colorful cards are especially appropriate for organizations of disabled persons or by anyone who wants society to look at the strengths of disabled folks, not their weaknesses. Proceeds go to the young artists and to PROJIMO.

Cards with envelopes cost US$8.00 for a set of 5 or US$15.00 for 10, plus $3.00 postage per order.

Available in English or Spanish. Cards can be left blank or say “Season’s Greetings.”

Let your “Season’s Greetings” cards carry a message of dignity and opportunity for disabled persons.