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Board of Directors
Trude Bock
Roberto Fajardo
Barry Goldensohn
Bruce Hobson
Donald Laub
Eve Malo
Myra Polinger
Leopoldo Ribota
David Werner
Jason Weston
Efraín Zamora
International Advisory Board
Allison Akana — United States
Dwight Clark — Volunteers in Asia
David Sanders — South Africa
Mira Shiva — India
Michael Tan — Philippines
María Zúniga — Nicaragua
This issue was created by:
David Werner — Writing
Efraín Zamora — Design and Layout
Jason Weston — Editing
Trude Bock — Proofreading
Dana Gundling — Proofreading

It isn’t the rebels that

cause the troubles

of the world,

it’s the troubles

that cause

the rebels

— Carl Oglesby, Students for a Democratic Society