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Board of Directors
Trude Bock
Roberto Fajardo
Barry Goldensohn
Bruce Hobson
Jim Hunter
Donald Laub
Eve Malo
Myra Polinger
Leopoldo Ribota
David Werner
Jason Weston
Efraín Zamora
International Advisory Board
Allison Akana — United States
Dwight Clark — Volunteers in Asia
David Sanders — South Africa
Mira Shiva — India
Michael Tan — Philippines
María Zúniga — Nicaragua
This issue was created by:
David Werner — Writing and Layout
Bruce Hobson — Writing
Jason Weston — Editing and Layout
Trude Bock — Proofreading
Emelia Bock — Proofreading
Dana Gundling — Proofreading

Even in an age of commerce we need enclaves in our society where the views that are expressed have not been purchased.
— John Polani (Nobel Prize Winner/Chemistry in 1986)