Soon to be available in Spanish!

In our previous Newsletter, we presented the workshops on disability I conducted in Colombia. These are vividly captured in an exciting narrated full-length, full-motion slide show, with many examples and photos of each child.

This new resource is a great teaching/learning aid, with many original ideas. As with all our work, we put the disabled persons and their families at the center of the creative process.

Workshop Schedule

  • Day 1 – Presentations on Community Based Rehabilitation and Independent Living.

  • Day 2 – (Morning) Workshop participants visit the homes of the children.

  • Day 2 – (Afternoon) Small groups work on their plans for the assistive devices.

  • Day 3 – (First hour) Children and family members present their findings and designs.

  • Day 3 – (All day long) The small groups construct and test the assistive device.

  • Day 3 – (Final hour) Presentation of the finished device, evaluations, and conclusions.

The CD is currently available in English. The Spanish edition is in production, and is slated to be released by the end of 2008 (no promises for the holidays, sorry.) We are taking advance orders (see the insert with this newsletter), and will ship them as soon as they are complete.

The price for the English or Spanish edition is $15 (poor country price: $3.00) plus shipping.

The photos on this page are a preview of the show.