An Intensive Conversational SPANISH Training Program at the PROJIMO Rehabilitation Program in Rural MEXICO

Especially for Disabled Travelers, International Health Workers, and Activists

Volunteer as you learn: Here is a unique oppportunity to learn or improve your Spanish in an informal friendly way, while at the same time helping in whatever way you can at PROJIMO, an innovative rural rehabilitation program near Mazatlan.

Take part in this remarkable village program where young disabled persons help each other to learn a variety of skills: everything from making wheelchairs and orthopedic braces to providing rehabilitation and advice to disabled children and their families.

Your teachers will be young spinal cord injured persons and other disabled youth who earn their living by teaching. As they teach you Spanish, you can help them improve their teaching skills, and to adapt their lessons to your needs. Everyone learns from each other.

Live with a village family, where you can practice and improve your Spanish.

Participate in the day-to-day activities of your host family, assist in the workshops at PROJIMO, teach and play with children, and help out where needed. Also you may find opportunities for hiking, swimming in the river, horseback (or mule-back) riding.

Unique Features & Limitations of this Learning Opportunity

Pick your own time and dates. There are no fixed dates or length of training sessions. These are individualized according to your needs. Teaching is one on one or in very small groups.

Rustic rural setting. You will stay in a typical village home (or possible at the PROJIMO center). There is running water and electricity. PROJIMO has very basic wheelchair accessible toilet and bathing facilities.

Food is typical of a Mexican village (vegetarian meals possible). You can ask for boiled drinking water.

Spanish training will mostly be oral. The main role of your teacher(s) will be to help you speak basic Spanish and improve your conversational skills. Beginners in Spanish may want to supplement their oral practice by doing some study of basic grammar on their own. Learning materials will be available.

Not everything will be easy or comfortable. PROJIMO, like all grassroots community initiatives, has its own strengths and its weaknesses. In order to fully enjoy, gain from, and contribute to the program, visitors who come to learn Spanish will need to be adventurous, flexible, and accepting of human frailty.

Special Offer, For a Limited Time

Low cost! For those who are willing to pitch in and help where they can, PROJIMO is offering a low rate of only US$150.00 per week. This amount covers room, board, and tuition.

Location: The Spanish Language Training Program takes place at the PROJIMO Community Based Rehabilitation Program, based in the village of Coyotitan one hour north of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico:

Address and contact information:

Proyecto PROJIMO-Programa de Rehabilitación Coordinators:: Conchita Lara or Mari Picos Calle Constitución #105, Col. Las Huertas Coyotitán, Sinaloa, Mexico CP 82990

Telephone: (52) (6969) 62-01-15


For information in in the USA about this Spanish couse in Mexico, contact:


c/o Jason Weston

3897 Hendricks Road

Lakeport CA 95453 USA

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How to Get to PROJIMO

Positive Feedback on the Spanish Course

from a 2005 article by a physical therapist/Spanish Student:

10 April, 2003

. . . The PROJIMO Spanish teaching program is like no other. The classroom is under a shade tree and the lessons are guided by the learner. I have never seen another program where the teaching is 1:1 and the experience is one of complete immersion. Through my lessons, and through eating, working, and living with the PROJIMO team I learned more Spanish in a few weeks than I learned in months in a classroom. This program is a must for anyone who wants to learn Spanish or anyone concerned with social justice issues, public health issues, or issues of the developing world.

Chris Johnstone, special educator, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

03 Dec 2002

. . . I finally made it to PROJIMO!!! It was truly a wonderful time. I learned a lot of espanol and a lot about life . . .[in an] environment where everyone helps each other. My Spanish still has a long way to go, but I believe that I learned the equivalent of one year college, or more, in only 3 weeks. Most importantly it was a real confidence boost, both for learning Spanish, and for my new “self employed” endeavors.

Marco/Mark Weeks, consultant in international health and development McLean, Virginia, USA

05 June 2004

On Tuesday, I came back to Virginia after spending an amazing month learning Spanish at PROJIMO. For some time now, I had wanted to learn Spanish in Latin America without being yet another gringa wandering around with a huge backpack, and at PROJIMO, I got my wish. The experiences that I had in Coyotitan changed my outlook and attitudes in profound ways, and I am extremely grateful for the few short weeks I spent there. I want to thank you for the incredible work that you do in publicizing and tirelessly fighting for human rights of all people with all levels of capacities.

I believe in the work that everyone does at PROJIMO, and I witnessed the enormous positive changes they were able to make in individuals’ lives. Thank you for your time and for all that you do,

Chloe Tucker, Charlottesville, VA 22903