HealthWrights: History

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With over 50 years of health activism projects and publications, there is a lot of history to explore at HealthWrights. The following resources are preliminary, and will be expanded over time.

As time goes on will assemble more stories, build up detailed timelines, provide photographs and biographical sketches of key personnel and volunteers. And we will link up Newsletters, Articles, Photo-Essays, and Videos found elsewhere on the HealthWrights site to provide the fullest picture of the past 50 years of radical health activism.

If you have anything to contribute (stories, photographs, videos, ephemera, etc.) please contact us at


Our aim is to provide a readable comprehensive history of David Werner’s health activism.

  • Project Piaxtla timeline.

  • Project PROJIMO timeline.

  • HealthWrights timeline

This timeline is both incomplete (not enough HW activities) and too-comprehensive (includes pre-HW activities and potentially insubstantial events.)


Geert’s PROJIMO History

Geert Cuypers, husband of long-time PROJIMO worker Marielos, stayed with the Project from 2005 to 2007. At that time he noted a serious lack of documentation of the behind the scenes lived experience of Project PROJIMO. After he left, he made a website documenting the information we was able to gather, as well as some old and decaying photo boards. Geert has generously agreed to allow HealthWrights to incorporate his efforts at outlining a history of PROJIMO. We will maintain the content as Geert presented it as a historical archive.

  • Introduction

    The introduction explains the need for a PROJIMO history, and requests for more information and historical documents.

  • PROJIMO Timeline

    This timeline is a copy of the HW timeline, but will be replaced with Geert’s timeline ASAP.

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