Perhaps when the rains come I will have time to sit and muse, to wander through the wet hills and listen to the songs of the nesting birds, to paint, and to record and coordinate my impressions. This has been my dream in coming to the Sierra Madre, and it remains my dream. Reality, so far, has taken me on a different course. I do not complain, for life to me has been full—full to overflowing. Yet my involvement in trying to care for the health of the villagers has become an ever-expanding and time-consuming project. Now the time has come when I should like to send off another “Report”; and although I have accumulated more than two hundred pages of hurriedly written observations, I have not had time at the present to coordinate them into any kind of balanced account. Besides, too much has happened that seems worth relating. To tell it all as I would like, would require a full length book. Here is a brief summary of my travels since my last report, followed by fuller accounts of some of the more eventful days.

—David Werner (May 15, 1966)