Bruce Hobson, a long time friend who volunteered for two years at PROJIMO, is currently working in Chiapas, Mexico with Guatemalan refugees who have fled the Guatemalan military. The project he works with, Comite de Rehabilitación, Centro de Capacitación en Ecologia y Salud para Campesinos (CCESC) needs the services of an audiologist and one or two physical therapists for a minimum of one month.

Twenty children with varying degrees of deafness have been seen by the rehabilitation workers and require comprehensive evaluations. Twenty five children with cerebral palsy who benefit from the project need physical therapy.

Requirements: The rehabilitation workers are indigenous people whose first languages are Mayan dialects, but they also speak Spanish. Some Spanish is essential. The project will cover costs for local transportation between San Cristóbal and the refugee camps. While in San Cristóbal living arrangements will be provided, but not food. In the winter months it is very cold at night in San Cristóbal, but warmer in the camps (at lower elevation). Please contact: Bruce Hobson, Tel/Fax: (52 967) 8-09-06.